Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The 10 Commandments Translated for Bikers

1.) God is more important than your colors, bike or girl, ‘nuff said.
2.) No matter how much you love your bike or how much chrome, flat paint, engine mods or whatever you add, you’d better not put it before “the Big Guy” who allowed you to own it in the first place.  (If in doubt, see rule #1).   
3.) Don’t do evil in the name of God.  If you claim it, walk it, otherwise God doesn’t want you and likely nobody else will either.
4.) Make sure you remember to take a day off from work to take a bath, rest up, and give thanks to God at least once a week and not just during football season. 
5.) Don’t make your parents regret putting you in this world by acting like a butthole all the time or else God might shorten your stay with us.
6.) Don’t be murdering folks, even if they really piss you off, even if they’re a soccer mom on the cell phone while putting on makeup at the wheel of a speeding SUV on the freeway.
7.) Don’t be messing with your buddy’s old lady.
8.) Don’t take something that ain’t yours without the owner’s permission.  Only punks steal…
9.) Don’t be telling lies about people and starting drama or trying to send folks to the pokey. 
10.) Don’t be eyeballin’ your buddy’s gal, bike, house or anything else wishin’ you had it instead of him.

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  1. Woo freaking hoo! Love it, and think you should post everywhere!